Join the Seafarers Tour

The Seafarers Tour

This is a fun and interactive tour that will bring Bermuda’s rich maritime history to life. Learn about the boats, the people and the places that helped shape sailing as we know it today.

Journey the island and participate in and activities and quizzes to gain points and win a spot on our leader board.

Some walking and light activity is required at some of the stops for bonus points that will unlock hints to get you through stages.

Have fun and goodluck!

What you will need…a phone, transportation, and your imagination

How to get started:

Download the app then plan your day*

  • This tour has a west end route and an east end route. You can do one or both
    • The west end route will take you to interesting spots and lookouts on your way up to Dockyard and paints a diverse picture of Bermuda’s unique shipbuilding
    • The east end route will take you to Bermud’s first sailing clubs and tells the story of one of Bermuda’s most prominent pilots, James ‘Jemmy’ Darrell.
  • Both tours start at the Bermuda Visitor’s Centre in Hamilton. You can start your day off with breakfast or lunch at Dangelini’s or any of the fine restaurants in Hamilton.
  • Find the ‘Evolution of Cedar & Sail’ and off you go.

*Some locations will require entry fees.  Showing the app will give you a discounts on entry fees and meals at restaurants in the area.


COVID Recommendations

If you are out an about with people not in your bubble please practice Covid Safety on your travels:

  • Wear a mask
  • Social distance
  • Sanitize