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The Learnalots

Learnalot's Children's Educational Series
The Learnalots is Bermuda’s longest-running TV series. Developed by Reimar Fiedler, a partner of Panatel VDS Ltd., the locally-produced show is an information-based programme targeted at young people between the ages of 6 and beyond.  The show has been on the air for the last 13 years and is sponsored by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs.

Over the years, the Learnalots have explored a wide variety of topics (78 to date), from Bermuda’s bio-diversity to its system of government. There’s almost no topic the Learnalots won’t tackle.

In addition each show features a Professor Knutty and an Agent Green segments. Professor Knutty takes the myth out of science experiments whilst Agent Green educates the young viewer about the environment and the importance of preserving it.
The show has been a catalyst for many former participants influencing them to pursue successful careers in the theatre and other media.