About Us

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The Staff

The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs is proud to have a knowledgeable, competent staff dedicated to the success of our organization. 

  1. Name: Heather Whalen

    Title: Director of Community & Cultural Affairs.

  2. Name: Patricia Chapman

    Title: Executive Community Education Officer.

  3. Name: Kim Dismont Robinson

    Title: Folklife Officer.

  4. Name: Carlita Lodge

    Title: Cultural Affairs Programme Manager.

  5. Name: Lynn Stephenson

    Title: Liason Officer-Central Area.

  6. Name: LaVerne Simmons

    Title: Coordinator-Central Area.

  7. Name: Leslie Ann Rochester

    Title: Programme Assistant-Western Area.

  8. Name: Tracy Jordan

    Title: Coordinator-Western Area.

  9. Name: Nadine Brown-Evans Pusha'

    Title: Coordinator-Western Area.

  10. Name: Valerie Wright

    Title: Secretary-Western Area.

  11. Name: Susan Bailey

    Title: Programme Assistant-Eastern Area.

  12. Name: Graham S. Mawer

    Title: Cultural Liaison & Development Officer.