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Event Date: Jul 10, 2010

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Part of the "Culture Unwrapped Festival Series" piloted this year by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, the "Youth Culture Festival" aimed to connect Bermuda's youth and their families to the Youth Groups that exist to support them, a host of demonstrations in activities normally unavailable in Bermuda, and to engage the youth and educate them with workshops in all these activities: Parkour, BMX Vert, BMX Flatland, Skateboard, DJing, Martial Arts, Graffiti Art, and R/C Racing. Co-sponsored by: The City of Hamilton, The Booth, Winner's Edge, Barritts, The Complete Office and Bicycle Works.

Credits: Department of Communication and Information


  • National Heroes Day 2008

    Event Date: Oct 12, 2008
    Category: National Heroes Day

  • National Heroes Day
    Bermuda Gombey dancers celebrate National Hero's Dya in honor of Dame Lois Brown-Evans.
    Event Date: Oct 12, 2008
    Category: National Heroes Day

  • Tech Week at Harbor Nights
    Kids enjoy the tech displays at Harbor Nights.
    Event Date: May 15, 2007
    Category: Harbour Nights

  • Concert in the Park
    Bermuda's senior's enjoy dancing and jazz music in the park.
    Event Date: May 30, 2007
    Category: Heritage Month

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