The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs sponsors a variety of arts, music, literary, and cultural awards and contributions to cultural activities honouring and sponsoring the achievements of Bermuda’s creative community.  Bermuda is home to a remarkable group of gifted creators, working in many genres through a variety of contribution and sponsorship programmes.

Bermuda Arts Council

About The Bermuda Arts Council The Arts Council was founded by an Art of Parliament in 1969 with the intent to promote public awareness of the value of arts and its continued development and growth to Bermudian society as it relates to our youth and all Bermudians and visitors alike. The Principal objectives of the Council is to develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practice of ... Learn More

Bermuda Literary Awards

The Bermuda Literary Awards were inaugurated by the Bermuda Government in 1999 to honour literary achievement by Bermuda’s writers, and are administered by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs. The aims of the Bermuda Government in offering these awards are: To recognize significant contributions to the development of Bermudian culture To honour creative works and uphold the ... Learn More